Graphic Design / Visual Communication / 3D Animation

Recent graduate from Platt College, Los Angeles Campus. Studied Graphic design and Visual Communication / 3D Animation. I'm highly interested in graphic design, 3d animation, video editing, and paper craft. Familiar different mediums: digital,clay, pencil and paper, etc.

I explored creativity at a young age through the encouragement of my family, friends, and instructors. My early classes included painting, black and white photography, and drafting.  I can recreate maps like no other. One of my favorite things to do is create paper models. It all started with stuff that could be ordered from the Scholastic order forms. This lead to my interests in paper-craft. I also enjoy colorizing and restoring old black and white photos.

As far as work history goes, I've had several influential jobs. Working as a lifeguard at a city pool, I've learned to make due with less and sometimes "McGuyver" equipment to get things done. Attention to detail here is critical as it meant the life of another person or a failed inspection. When I was a graphic design intern for a clothing company, I learned how to apply what I learned in school and work with others.  In a company made primarily out of interns, work was delegated to us and we pressed hard to finish our projects. Sometimes we worked as a group and sometimes solo.

I currently work as a senior pre-flight operator for a commonly used online printing company. Here I learned to work under pressure and pretty much everything there is to know about print.